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Anahola Beach ~ Anahola Beach Park

Anahola Beach Park on the East Coast of Kauai
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Anahola Beach Park, on the East Coast of Kauai

Anahola Beach or Anahola Beach Park is a favorite of local Hawaiian families. The beach is a beautiful, wide crescent encircling Anahola Bay. The beach is purportedly a half mile wide (800 m) and the mouth of the Anahola River dissects it about in the middle and forms quite a large lagoon behind it. The back of the beach near the river is shaded with a lot of Ironwood trees with cars and small trucks parked somewhat haphazardly underneath. Tailgate barbecues are plentiful and the smell of steaks wafting through the trees made me suddenly hungry. Families and a leashed dog occupy the area with keikis (children) running back and forth between the beach, the lagoon, and the barbecue. A father fisherman maintains a couple of poles supported somehow in the sand and at the same time keeps watch of beef on the barbecue - perhaps an indication of how the fishing is going on this particular Saturday.

Anahola Beach Park on the East Coast of Kauai
Anahola Beach

The beach is mostly protected by a reef, so the only real waves happen away from the beach. Surfing is only allowed on the north side of the bay. The center of the bay, near the mouth of the river often produces good waves for boogie boarding. The bay is considered the safest beach on the east side for swimming and snorkeling so it is a good beach for kids and beginners. Snorkeling is good around the reef. There is a place for tent camping and this is the only campground on the east shore.

Remains of Anahola Pier
Children Play by The Remains of Old Anahola Pier

Anahola Pier was once located on the south side of the Anahola Bay. The undated photo below shows how the pier looked when steamer ships visited. The home and outbuildings are no longer standings. All that remain are the deep concrete and iron pilings.

Old Anahola Pier and Outbuildings
Old Anahola Pier and Steamer Ship

Anahola town and much of the area surrounding the bay is land that is part of the Hawaiian Home Land trust which has its roots in the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act of 1920. It provides those of Hawaiian descent with several benefits and provides a way for them to apply for homesteads. Of course visitors are welcome at Anahola Beach, but I didn't see many here that weren't Hawaiians.

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Pictures and Comments By Doug Porter

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