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Queen's Bath

Queen's Bath
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Queens Bath on the North Shore of Kauai

Formed by an ancient lava flow, Queen's Bath is a beautiful, natural ocean pool on Kauai's north shore. Named after Queen Emma who was the mother of Prince Albert (from whom Princeville gets its name), this stunning feature is worth the muddy yet interesting trip to view it. Access to Queens Bath is by way of a steep trail down the side of a bluff. When the trail opens up at the bottom of the bluff, continue left along the lava rock for wonderful shoreline views and a peek of Queen's Bath. To get there from Princeville, take Ka Haku Road to Kapiolani and follow until you see several cars parked at the trail head.

Swimming here is dangerous especially during winter months and high surf. Use extreme caution when swimming or walking on the rocks here as unexpected large waves have been known to flush people out into the ocean where strong currents can carry them away. Many people have drowned here.

Video of Ocean Near Queen's Bath During High Surf
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Pictures and Comments By Doug Porter

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