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Pali Ke Kua Beach (Hideaways)

Pali Ke Kua Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
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Pali Ke Kua Beach, Kauai

Pali Ke Kua Beach, also known as Hideaways, is another treasure of Kauai's north shore. Occupying two small coves, the beach is hidden away at the foot of the Princeville bluff below Pali Ke Kua Condos on the east and Puu Poa Condos on the west. Because there isn't a stream carrying leaves and other debris into the ocean, the course golden sand is exceptionally clean and lovely. A reef protects the beach from big wave action and the high cliff behind the beach secludes it from the hotels and development of Princeville. An outcropping of lava rock separates the east side from the west, cutting it into two small beach "hideaways."

Directions to Pali Ke Kua Beach (Hideaways): Public access down to the beach is between Puu Poa condos and the Princeville St. Regis Hotel. Although it is next to the hotel's huge parking lot, there is only a small area available for public parking. The trail starts on the west property line of Puu Poa condos. Follow it along the fence to the edge of the bluff where you'll find steep stairs going over the edge. There are pipe and rope handrails that you can hang on to in the steepest parts. The stairs will get you down to a path which gets less steep about half way to the bottom.

A second, paved access to the east side of the beach goes down the bluff from Pali Ke Kua Condos.

There are no facilities at Pali Ke Kua Beach so you'll want to bring everything you'll need; i.e. book, beach towel, sunscreen, camera, and don't forget snorkeling gear if you can carry it. When the ocean is calm, the snorkeling is excellent and you can see a variety of fish and the occasional sea turtle swimming through the reef. Use caution and don't go into the water during high surf.

Although it is often referred to as "Hideaways", Pali Ke Kua is the traditional Hawaiian name for this beach (both sides). The condos were of course, named after the beach and not the other way around. If this weren't confusing enough, Puu Poa Condos at the top of the trail were named after Puu Poa Beach which is actually in front of the St. Regis Hotel. Many more Princeville Vacation Rentals are close by including Hanalei Bay Resort.

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Pictures and Comments By Doug Porter

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