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Mile Marker 25 Waterfalls

Mile Marker 25 Waterfall on Kauai
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Mile Marker 25 Waterfalls, Kauai

Mile Marker 25 Waterfall is just off the side of the road on the east end of the long curved Kalihiwai Bridge. Because it happens to be at mile marker 25 on north State Highway 56 (1.4 miles north of Kilauea), this un-named waterfalls has taken on the name of the mile marker next to it. In just about any other place in the world this beautiful 20 foot falls would probably be quite an attraction, but there are so many waterfalls in Kauai this one isn't even officially named. It's actually a double waterfall because after going under the road, the stream falls again into the valley below before joining the Kalihiwai River.

The nearest place to park is a small pull-out about 300 yards up the hill towards Kilauea. Besides the mile marker, there's no other signage telling motorists it's there, so even though it's right next to the road, most people driving by at 50 miles an hour never notice it and the rest go past and say, "Wait, did we just pass a waterfall?"

Kalihiwai Waterfall is another waterfall just upstream from the Kalihiwai Bridge; much bigger and better known. It's easy to see from the bridge if you are walking, but when driving please keep your eyes on the curve as you go over the bridge. Even if you're a passenger, it's hard to see Kalihiwai Waterfalls from a small rental car because the guardrail blocks most of the view. It's much easier from a taller SUV or jeep.

Pictures and Comments By Doug Porter

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